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Pranayama Meditation : 'Yoga Breathing'
Pranayama Meditation is the key to eternal Happiness
20 minutes & more

The Yoga-doers (Yogi’s) were the first to discover the importance of oxygen and breath control and devised an exact science of breathing. They called it PRANA-YAMA, from the Sanskrit word ‘Prana’ meaning breath, and ‘Yama’, its cessation.

We will teach you how to do Pranayama that implies correct breathing and breath control.
Pranayama will help you to stay youthful, supple, slim and full of vital energy. Pranayama results in better mind control. The more you increase your supply of prana/oxygen, the greater will be your sense of well-being.

Meditiations with Pranayam makes you feel relaxed and elevated. The deep rest experienced during the practice of this Meditation technique allows the body to naturally dissolve stress and strain, and making you feel look younger and beautiful, Naturally!