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Client Experiences

Truly exceptional experience!
As someone who has done a lot of massages over time, I didn’t think I could discover something new but Amish’s massage is a completely new experience. Just making me focus on breathing and clearing my mind, opened up a new level of relaxation and positive energy that I didn’t think I was capable of. I completely let myself fall into Amish’s capable hands and entered another world of peace and relaxation. Afterwards, I felt relaxed and cleansed body and mind. A unique experience!
Lizzie, U.K.
Absolutely Amazing!
Amish’s massage was peaceful and relaxing, with spiritual music and oils. I loved every moment of it and would highly recommend it to everyone who loves a great massage. It was both original and spiritual, more than an ordinary massage. The meditation before the massage was a perfect begin on a relaxing and amazing path that Amish has shown through his massage.

I would rate it as better than Thailand’s famously massages. Thank you for the experience.
Maria, Australia.
A Fantastic Massage!
The Massage I was given by Amish was amazing- a new type of massage compared to the other ones I have got it before with wonderful music and oils. Soft, gentle, very good and relaxing. The meditation before the massage prepared my body and calmed it, something that made the massage even better I think.

I certainly recommend this to everyone wanting a calming, fantastic and a peaceful experience!
Ingrid Jesben Vinje, Norway.
Highly Recommended
Thank you for the wonderful experience of getting a massage from you. Your hands are super soft and the way you did it was so professional. I loved the atmosphere with the music and felt so relaxed afterwards; I can highly recommend your massage service. Hope to have the chance to do this again on my next visit to Bombay!

Take Care!
Anja, Germany.
Excellent Experience!
The massage and meditation were a calming and relaxing experience. The meditation calms the mind so that the body can enjoy the massage afterwards. The contemporary kind of meditational music that Amish uses, is also very good and helps with the process. Amish has good hands, adjusts the pressure just right and respects your boundaries (should you have any specific ones).

As a result of this massage, I feel better and relaxed, just like I’d have had a nice long nap and read a good book. Except my muscles are relaxed too.

Thank you for the wonderful experience and a massage. I will remember when I get back home from India! Best of Luck!
Tina, Estonia.
Simply Amazing!!
Amish’s massage was just wonderful and I recommend it to everyone. The massage was itself was very peaceful and relaxing, but the meditation before hand is what really sets it apart from any other. The breathing techniques he teaches you can also practice at home. It is a skill. I look forward to expanding on to relax my mind.

Thank you, Amish! Loved every moment of it.
Jerri, Canada.