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Divine Vedic Chanting - 'Calm Balm Technique'
Health is a relationship between you and your body
20 minutes & more

Divine Vedic chanting based of Hindu Mantra/Hymns is a powerful meditative practice which aims to integrate body, voice, mind and emotions in the deeper quest for spiritual unity.

Most of the words of the Mantras will have their base in Sanskrit Language.

In the Sanskrit language certain rules and pedagogy must be followed so as not to change the meaning of the chants. It is because of these rules that the chanting is exactly as it was thousands of years ago.
Benefits of Divine Vedic Chanting
  • Vedic chanting produces certain vibrations, which enhance physical and mental health
  • The process of Shravana involves listening carefully and saying the chant exactly. This requires attention, and regular practice is very useful in improving concentration and memory.
  • Listening to Divine Vedic Chanting can also calm the mind. In fact, chanting is considered to be one of the important forms of meditation.
  • Divine Vedic chants can be applied and used effectively in healing and yoga therapy.
  • One may also receive the experience of deep inner silence.