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Welcome to Shiva Om Massages & Meditations

The greatest wealth is health; soothe the soul touch the body. Calm the mind. Heal the spirit

Your body is like a symphony. All parts must be in complete harmony with each other in order for a masterpiece to occur. It’s no wonder that we only achieve ideal health when our body, mind and spirit find perfect peace and harmony with one another.

Imagine a massage where for few moments, you can escape the pressures of everyday life... a body treatment which gives you a chance to connect with the inner world... a healing therapy to relax, rejuvenate and rebalance your mind, body and soul... Welcome to the world of Shiva Om Massages & Meditations.

‘SHIVA OM’ Massages and Meditations. Where The Hindu God ‘Shiva’ represents the ‘God of destruction’, destructing of one’s negative karma or energy/Vibes and the word ‘OM’ which in Hinduism means the start of the infinite universe, or rather the universe has started from the divine word OM, so may you have a new birth and infinite happiness in your life ahead after the SHIVA OM massage.

The aim is to keep your body look younger longer, always and in all-ways!

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